Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Toadstool Knitting Set

Toadstool Knitting Set
made by
Made in England

This is a particularly fun looking
boxed set from Miladi.
I would say it is
circa 1950's.
The colourful graphics are
eye-catching as are the happy
little Pixies.

Inside this set (as found)
are two toadstool/mushroom
knitters, scraps of wool,
"tubes" of embroidery thread
labelled "Miladi",
and an instruction
 leaflet whose cover
 matches the box lid.

Close-up of the 
toadstools/mushroom knitters.

Miladi was part of the Berwick
Toys Company and of which there were
a number of childrens' sewing sets
in odd shaped boxes - either
octagonal, or
six-sided, using this label.


Here again, we find
the delightful pixies
on the box top.