Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Knitting Without Needles

I am always looking for any books
involving spool knitting and recently
found the book below -
Macrame and Other Projects
for Knitting Without Needles
by Peggy Boehm
illustrated by Shizu Matsuda
published in 1963.
It is another book directed
at children with many ways
of using wool to make various
Among the contents are -
For the House
Toys to Make
Dress Up and Play
Tassels and Fringe

The topic of spool knitting is
found in the "Very Simple" section
of the book. It is just six pages
with instructions and suggestions
for projects.

Front Cover

Below is one of the illustrations
and one that I find very misleading.
If you have spool knitted, then this
illustration is entirely wrong plus
I feel that there should be another
nail added to show that they
should be evenly spaced.

Below is a rather large package
for a Giant Knitting Spool by -
Tucket Toy Corp., Woonsocket,
R. I., U.S.A. (no date)
This is the only one I have seen
of these and it is reminiscent
of the "Apple Pie", "Cherry Pie"
type of knitters that I showed you
in the previous post.

Below is the back of the package showing
the directions for use.
I would be interested to hear if
anyone has these too.


Bendito Colibrí said...

Hello,my name is karina, no se ingles, pero voy a tratar de colocar el traductor,te felicito, están preciosos tus blog, el tricotín lo use cuando estaba en el colegio y ahora estoy tratando de volver a usarlo, no te complico más, precioso todo, cariños.

crazyhaberdasher said...

Thankyou Karina! I got a rough translation through Babelfish.
It is lovely to hear from you, I am glad that you like my blog and I hope that you enjoy your spool knitting and make many wonderful things.

catsmum said...

you're right Maz that is a very strange illustration ... I guess the artist didn't actually know anything at all about how spool knitters are used.

crazyhaberdasher said...

I would have had it put right before publishing.